About Us

Engineers Office "T-Projekt" Private Partnershiphas been providing services since 1996. Working together for many years, we have created a reliable team of professionals. We ensure full design  documentation including architecture, constructions and industry-tailored solutions for all stages of the design process. 

With many years of experience in designing and a large number projects implemented on the basis of our designs (which actually gives our Customers an opportunity to see whether or not the solutions we applied were correct), we can guarantee that our Customers will enjoy professional, reliable services. 

Co-owner and Lead Architect:

Anna Pierzchalska-Tuszyńska, MSc Eng in Architecture 
- Diploma of the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology 
- Unrestricted licence to independently perform technical operations in civil engineering in the field of    architecture.
- Member of the Association of Polish Architects and the Silesian Regional Chamber of Architects (since 2002)

Proffesional experience:


1982 - 1988: Centre for Study, Design and Construction Inwestprojekt Katowice, Assistant Designer / Ryszard Jurkowski architectural design studio 

since 1996: Engineers Office T-Projekt Private Partnership, lead architect, co-owner

since 2005: Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of the Katowice School of Technology, teacher

Design and performance:
T-PROJEKT Biuro inżynierskie S.C.